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150 mw laser module - 1

AixiZ 780nm laser module 150 mw 12x30mm

150 mw laser module - 2

MXTLASER 850-150 Focusable D18X65 Glass Lens Direct IR Dot Laser Module (Laser Module + Adapter + Holder)

150 mw laser module - 3

HiLetgo 10pcs 5V 650nm 5mW Red Dot Laser Head Red Laser Diode Laser Tube with Leads Head Outer Diameter 6mm

150 mw laser module - 4

20pcs 5mW Laser Diode Lasers, 5V 650nm Laser Pointer Head, Red Dot Laser Module, Small Mini Laser Pointer Diod, Diy Dot Laser Pointer, Mini Laser Tube with Leads Head Outer Diameter 6mm

150 mw laser module - 5

650nm 5mw Adjusted Red Lasers Diode Dot Line Cross Laser Module Heatsink & Driver in

150 mw laser module - 6

WayinTop 10pcs 5V Mini Laser Head Dot Diode Module Red 650nm 6mm Diode Lasers + 20pcs Photoresistor Light Sensitive Dependent Resistor Optoresistor 5mm GL5539 5539 + 20pcs 10K ohm Resistor for Ard

150 mw laser module - 7

Laser Module 405nm Violet Purple Blue Laser"Dot" Diode (Adjust Focus 5mw DC3V-5V)

150 mw laser module - 8

40W Laser Module Head , 450nm Laser Head Blue Light Laser Engraver for Cutting Plywood and Metal Engraving (33mm)

150 mw laser module - 9

650nm 660nm Adjusted Red Laser Line Dot Cross Laser Diode Module 3V-5.5V 100mW Laser Dot/Line/Cross Module Focusable 13mmx42mm with US Power Adapter and Heatsink


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